HAC - Hearing Aid Compatible

ekit.com provides compatible wireless devices for our hearing aid dependent customers in the United States.

About HAC

To improve user experience for our hearing aid dependent customers, we work with handset vendors and follow the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) guidelines in providing HAC wireless devices according to the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act of 1988 ("HAC Act").

HAC devices are rated in two categories, the "M" and "T" rating. These ratings range from 1 to 4, and the higher the rating number the more compatible the device is with a wider range of hearing aids.

The "M" rating refers to radio-frequency emission levels of the wireless device. This rating means that the wireless device is intended to be used with hearing aids in microphone mode.

The "T" rating grades the telecoil coupling ability of the wireless device and means that the wireless device is intended to be used with hearing aids in telecoil mode. Newer hearing aids automatically select telecoil mode when used with a cell phone, some older models are manually switched to the "telecoil" position. The telecoil built into the hearing aid converts magnetic fields generated by the cell phone into sounds.

For more information please visit www.accesswireless.org.

Compatible Cell Phones

Handset FCC ID Rating
Apple iPhone 6s BCG-E2946A M3, T4
Apple iPhone 6s Plus BCG-E2944A M3, T4

User activation of a special mode is necessary to meet the hearing aid compatibility standard (M3/M4) for these handsets. Activating this special mode may result in a reduction of coverage. Please see each handset's device manual or product details for further information